Powering a Small Team to Provide Personalized Customer Service

“It’s amazing to be able to quickly scroll up and see what I said previously to a customer. It allows me to understand the customer’s entire history with our brand."

Alexa Adler
Head of Customer Experience

Customer History in a Single Scroll

Having a complete history of every interaction with every customer makes it easy for Jupiter to reference past conversations at any moment.

Efficiency All in One Place

They no longer have to manage multiple windows at the same time to see a full view of their customers—now everything they need is in a single interface.

Full Context of the Customer

Jupiter can quickly look up things like past purchases and customer details by simply searching a customer's name or inputting their email address.

Jupiter is a newer brand that’s taking an entire industry (and conversation) by storm. Set out to reimagine dandruff and scalp care products and break the stigma associated with experiencing dandruff and scalp discomfort, Jupiter not only creates the best hair products with the most luxe ingredients, but equally strives to turn what can be an uncomfortable topic to one that evokes positivity.


For Jupiter’s Head of Customer Experience, Alexa Adler, when it came time to officially launch the brand in 2020, it was imperative to launch with a customer service platform that was not only efficient and user-friendly, but also allowed them to elevate their brand’s mantra of being friendly, personable and supportive when engaging with their customers.


A True One-Stop-Shop

Finding a customer service platform with all channels in one place was critical for Jupiter. For them, voice is a required channel (for FDA compliance), but they wanted to go beyond voice to offer multiple communication channels for their customers. They want to be a friendly, approachable brand who is easy to do business with—especially when it comes to medical OTC products. They want to make it easy for agents to manage conversations across every channel, so a single platform for all channels was key.


While email and chat are currently their most popular channels, they love that, with Gladly, when they grow into other channels (like text or social), they don’t have to find another vendor, navigate another system, and they are already familiar with the platform’s interface.


From Multiple Screens to One 

Since using Gladly, Alexa has definitely seen efficiency gains and time savings thanks to in a single pane of glass—from customer information to their entire lifelong history—she is able to access everything in one window.

In previous platforms that she’s used, she’s had to teach team members how to properly set up their computer screen to accommodate multiple windows just to see a full view of the customer.

“I remember teaching people how to properly set up their screens with tons of windows, now I only need to use one”.

Alexa Adler
Head of Customer Experience

An Intuitive Interface Built for Efficiency


With extensive experience in Customer Service, Alexa was blown away with Gladly’s conversation timeline feature. She never worked in a platform that allowed her to see the entire conversation history with a customer, so being able to quickly scroll up and see what was said in the past (positive or negative) allows her to quickly understand their sentiment when they reach out to the brand again.


“It’s amazing to be able to quickly scroll up and see what I said previously to a customer” Alexa mentions. “It allows me to understand the customer’s history with our brand.”


In addition, since the Gladly interface is so user-friendly it allows them to get up and running really quickly, and when they start growing their team, or temporarily scaling up for sales, they wanted the easiest platform for everyone to use. In fact, Gladly has been a huge support to their small team, as it allows them to easily pull customer data in an organized way and understand what’s going on with customers quickly because it’s such a well-organized tool.



Entire Context During Every Customer Conversation


Alexa frequently reaches out to her customers through Gladly. For example, if someone leaves a product review on their website, she will reach out to them—by either searching their name or email address in Gladly—to ask questions, provide more education or just find out more details. Prior to actually engaging with the customer, she is able to quickly search their name and see what they specifically purchased, what their preferences are, their last interaction with the brand and overall sentiment. This helps give Alexa full context of her customer, know exactly which product is being referred to and is more equipped to provide that white glove service during each interaction.


Gladly’s Delighted integration—which allows them to gather customer feedback via Net Promoter Score (NPS)—has also helped Jupiter connect customer reviews with actual people. When a customer leaves a review, those reviews don’t just go to a black hole, they actually get tied to individuals in their conversation timeline. For example, if a customer leaves a positive review, and they email a week later, Alexa is able to put two and two together and provide more elevated service or give a discount code as a ‘thank you’.


A Single Knowledgebase Suitable for Everyone


Gladly’s Answers feature is an efficient, yet powerful tool. Having a single knowledgebase that scales allows Alexa to frequently update information in a single place, saving her hours of time and streamlines customer-facing content. For example, they recently had a free trial program that required a separate set of Answers during the length of the program. She was not only able to create new Answers for the program, but when it ended, she was able to quickly go in and adjust the language. It wasn’t a huge overhaul like content management has been in the past, she found it to be a super quick and efficient process to updating customer-facing information.


Even further, sometimes other people on the team (that aren’t in the Customer Service department), might need to jump in and lend a helping hand. Alexa doesn’t have to worry about training those people on what to say vs. what not to say, the Answers that she created are easily available for them to respond using the correct responses, consistent tone of voice and stay on brand.

“We’ve really been able to lean on Gladly to keep us organized because it is such a well-organized tool.”

Alexa Adler
Head of Customer Experience

By using Gladly as their Customer Service platform since the launch of Jupiter, their small (but mighty) team have been able to provide efficient yet personalized service through understanding exactly who their customers are every time they interact with their brand.

IndustryD2C, Retail
Features UsedAnswers, Delighted Integration
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