Taking Customer Service to New Heights

"A JetBlue experience is about so much more than getting passengers from one place to another—it's about building meaningful relationships with our customers and treating them as people, not numbers. Gladly is helping us do just that."

Frankie Littleford
Vice President Customer Support Experience, JetBlue

Customer Insights

Having key customer information in a single view gives agents better insight into their customers are and their needs.

Relationships That Last

With customer history and information at their fingers, agents can have empathetic conversations that build bonds.

Seamless Segues

Having every communication in a single timeline means no more repeat-and-recap needed.

A Culture Built on Humanity


When JetBlue was started back in 1999, they had a clear mission and philosophy: to bring humanity back to air travel. When in the air, that meant full-size soda cans, ample leg room, and complimentary in-seat satellite TV. And in the contact center, it meant an experience that made their customers feel valued and recognized.


But with their previous customer service platform, JetBlue’s support agents (or crewmembers, as they call them) didn’t feel empowered to deliver the kind of experience they wanted to.

When a customer reached out, they couldn’t see any context around who the customer was—like the flight they had purchased, or (if they’d reached out before) what they’d said.

But with Gladly, JetBlue’s crewmembers can now see key customer details like the flight they’re scheduled to be on, the status of those flights, and what they’d last reached out about. And that’s translated to a faster experience for the customer, and a better experience for the agent as well.


Read the case study to see how JetBlue has been able to provide a seamless, effortless experience to their customers—both in the sky and in their contact centers.

Customers40M+ / year
Daily Flights1,000+
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