Sees an 8x Increase in Agent Productivity with Gladly's Modern UI

"We're no longer treating customer like tickets, or having standalone, transactional interactions with our customers. With Gladly, our agents are empowered to treat customers like people."

Mary Mikus
Corporate Business Lead, Godiva

Greater Personalization

Agents can leverage past interactions to build relationships and provide personalized recommendations.

Increased Agent Retention

Agent turnover fell. And agents stopped avoiding certain channels because of poor user experience.

Seamless Transitions

Both agents and customers can switch between channels, or use them concurrently, without losing context.

Mention ‘Godiva’ and you’re likely to think of rich chocolate truffles, delicately encased in their signature gold boxes. Having been official chocolatiers to the Royal Court of Belgium, Godiva has a history that’s as rich as their chocolates of providing world-class service fit for nobility. 


But for Mary Mikus, Godiva’s Corporate Business Lead, that feeling wasn’t filtering down as effectively to the contact center experience. While Godiva’s in-boutique representatives could infuse warmth and empathy into their interactions with customers, the ticketing platform used in their contact centers made it hard for their customer support agents to relay that same sense of personability.  


In addition to the ticket-centric customer experience, Godiva’s agents also found their platform unintuitive and hard to use. 

"When we helped a customer, they got a generic message that said: Your ticket has been resolved. That wasn't the language that we wanted with our customers"

Mary Mikus
Corporate Business Lead

From ‘Tickets’ to ‘People’

To improve the experience for both their customers and agents, Mary knew they needed to refresh their existing systems. Along with Godiva’s IT Manager, Jeff Harding, they kickstarted the process by surveying their agents, putting together a list of pain points with their current system, and their wish list for the next one. 

"We needed a platform that could integrate easily into Godiva’s existing systems, and that could be deployed quickly, to minimize any disruption to our support"

Mary Mikus
Corporate Business Lead

Not only did Gladly meet all of Godiva’s requirements, but most importantly, it was the only platform that truly aligned with Godiva’s mission for its support: to be centered around the customer, and deliver world-class support both in-store and outside of it. 


With Gladly, Godiva’s agents were no longer referring to customer issues as tickets to resolve, but as people to help and engage with. They also finally had a singular view of their customer, which meant that regardless of how the customer reached out—whether it was email, phone, messaging or social—their agents could see every single communication in one comprehensive view. 

This helped them easily personalize each and every interaction, so they could go from, “Please wait while I look up your order number,” to “Hello Susan, I’d be happy to help you with your question.” 


A Team of All-Rounders

While a lot of companies today organize their support teams by channel or issue, Godiva made the deliberate decision to take the road less traveled.  Godiva’s agents are expected to handle any and all customer issues, across every channel. “It doesn’t matter to me so much the channel that a customer reaches out on,” Mary explains, “they deserve—and should get — a prompt response to their questions.”

"You can forecast to your heart’s content but you’re either going to have too many calls or not enough, or too many chats or not enough chats"

Mary Mikus
Corporate Business Lead

Gladly helps play a role in facilitating this approach, allowing Mary to set up rules and processes in a way that ensures new agents start small, and work their way up to the harder issues. “If an agent is literally off the street, or just unfamiliar with a certain channel, they can work the easier inboxes so they’re not overwhelmed and frustrated, and therefore not performing at their best” Mary explained. With Gladly, Godiva agents can access every channel from a single screen, so there’s no need to learn multiple systems, or toggle between multiple windows, tabs, or applications. 


Impressively, Mary’s approach has also helped her avoid the ever-present danger in forecasting. “You can forecast to your heart’s content,” Mary explains, “but you’re either going to have too many calls or not enough, or too many chats or not enough chats. That’s one advantage of having one team that can handle any channel—I can adapt quickly to what customers need.” 


Plus, with Gladly’s real-time monitoring, it’s easy for Mary to identify when and where resources are most needed, and pivot fast.


“Being able to adjust quickly based on how customers are reaching out allows me to make the most efficient use of my resources, without compromising on quality of service.”


The Power of Choice 

From their dedicated boutiques, to their online store, Godiva believes strongly in giving their customers the power to choose where and how they want to shop from them. And they wanted to give their customers the same power of choice when it came to support.  

"Letting our customers talk to us in the moment that they’re ready to make a purchase, and they have that one final question to ask before they go through with the purchase is amazing"

Mary Mikus
Corporate Business Lead

“We didn’t have the ability to do SMS or Facebook Messenger, and we couldn’t put our chat widget up on every page,” Mary shared. “This just wasn’t ideal because channels like these are becoming more important to customers, and to the experience they have with our brand.” 


Since implementing Gladly, Godiva has been able to expand their chat to all pages on their site, and added new ways to reach them through SMS and Facebook Messenger. The expansion into messaging not only lets customers reach them the way they want to, but has helped both customers and agents resolve issues faster by allowing customers to send images of their issues over, instead of having them try to describe it over the phone or chat.


Not Just a Vendor, But a Partner

Besides the hunt for a better customer and agent experience, one of the bigger goals for Godiva when looking for their next customer service platform provider was to find more than just the usual, out-of-the-box vendor. In fact, they wanted a partner—one that would work with them to ensure that customers would have the best service experience possible.

"My team genuinely looks forward to when Gladly comes down for training sessions. They’re literally greeted with hugs"

Mary Mikus
Corporate Business Lead

Besides the custom implementation Gladly did for Godiva, Gladly’s on-site training at their contact center went far beyond the scope of just teaching agents where to click. “The Gladly team picked up, very quickly, on how to help my team,” Mary explained. “And they didn’t just train our agents. They also worked with our Administrators and Supervisors, advising them on which metrics to monitor on Gladly, what to consider when setting SLAs on an inbox, and how to structure and staff inboxes for maximum efficiency.” 


And this feeling of ‘partnership’ was felt not only by Mary, but by Godiva’s agents as well. “My agents love using Gladly”, Mary shared, “and they’re no longer shying away from handling emails and chats.” 


In fact, Godiva has seen an increase in the number of chats handled by agents, and a fall in average email response times since using Gladly. 


Service Fit For Nobility

For more than 90 years, Godiva has worked hard at creating beautiful experiences for their customers that make them feel like royalty—with Gladly, they’ve been able to bring that experience full circle, into their contact centers as well.

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