Nurturing Sustainable Values with Salon Professional Products

"Davines has been able to retain more customers after increased online ordering throughout COVID. Our return customer rate has increased by over 60%."

Michael Bowman
Customer Care Coordinator

Understand your customer

Access to full customer information and shipping improves response quality

More channels,fewer calls

60-75% reduction in response time combined with increased satisfaction

Better visibility and insights

SLAs (service level agreements) have improved dramatically since signing on with Gladly

Founded in Parma, Italy in 1983, and present in more than 90 countries – Davines creates professional hair products, where quality meets the greatest respect for the planet and its resources. Davines sees business as a positive force, promoting a regenerative model of Sustainable Beauty.

Responses below are from Michael Bowman.

What is the Davines philosophy when it comes to customer service?

“Our mission is to ensure the same level of service our customers receive in-salon – while providing product education, recommendations, and sharing our point of difference in sustainability and the value of our products.”

What’s the biggest impact Gladly has made on your business?

“Gladly has increased customer satisfaction, trust, return rate, loyalty, and opportunities for product education. It has provided us with a consistent voice to the customer across multiple communication channels.”

Did Davines add any new channels with Gladly?

“With Gladly we were able to add SMS (text an expert), Live Chat, and Facebook Messenger. We were also able to incorporate Narvar and Refer-a-Friend.”

How has Gladly helped with customer satisfaction?

“Our overall response time has decreased from 3-4 days to under 1 business day. We have fewer customers who need to follow up repeatedly or reach out over multiple channels because they have not heard back from us. With the automated responses we communicate much faster and more efficiently and effectively to our customers, ultimately leading them to be more pleased with the Davines brand.”

“Gladly has helped decrease overall time spent on customer care; it’s no longer a time consuming and tedious job for our agents. Now it is much easier to share the workload and focus on additional internal marketing projects to better educate our customers.”

Michael Bowman
Customer Care Coordinator

What are three of your favorite features in Gladly?

  • Topics for organization and for tracking issues with reports
  • Rules for out-of-office (OOO) helps Davines adjust customer expectations and minimize weekend outreach
  • Shopify integration for seeing all the customer information and orders in one place to know the whole story


IntegrationsShopify, Refer-a-Friend
SUPPORT CHANNELSSMS, Chat, Facebook, Email, Voice
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