Relentless Focus is on the Customer for this Digital-first Brand

“Knowing your customer is the most important aspect to providing great service.”

Ruby Yang
Client Experience Manager

Increase in Customer Repeat Rates

By being able to provide great service, Cariuma has seen an increase in repeat customer rates proving that they are driving loyalty.

Improvement to Customer Satisfaction Scores

Cariuma has seen improvement to their NPS & Customer Satisfaction scores as they are able to help customers more efficiently.

More Efficient Agents

Thanks to a simple and user-friendly UI, agents are much more efficient at helping customer inquiries.

Cariuma is a digital-first shoe brand that believes in making things in a way that’s better for people and the planet. So, it’s no surprise that their sneakers are not only comfortable and timeless but sustainable as well.


With the goal of making interactions with customers as seamless as possible throughout the entire journey—including pre, during and post purchase—having the full context of their customer’s situation is key to helping them provide the amazing service they are known and loved for.


Going the Extra Mile for a Customer’s Big Day 


Ruby Yang, Client Experience Manager recounted a story of a recent interaction they had with one of their customers that all brands should take note of. A customer contacted them saying she wanted to order two pairs of blue canvas sneakers for her upcoming wedding, to fulfil the “something blue” tradition that most brides follow, but at the moment they were out of stock. While Cariuma wasn’t planning on producing more of the blue canvas sneakers that their customer hoped for, they were able to work with their production team to produce two, special pairs of the requested sneaker for her big day.


With the help of Gladly’s people-first technology and the ability to capture key details from customer interactions in a single place, they were able to understand the full context of the situation and realized that this was a big moment in their customer’s life and wanted to do anything they could to make her happy. Since Cariuma knew who their customer was, and made note of her husband’s name based on previous communication with the customer, they were able to go above and beyond and customize the insoles with their names on it as a special surprise. In addition, they were able to text her wishing her an amazing day and follow up to see how her wedding was—as if they were friends. Their customer even shared her wedding photos with them!



This is just one of the many examples that Cariuma does to go above and beyond and make a difference in their customers’ lives, and the only way to do that is by getting to know the customer beyond the exchanged information, but through an interaction that builds personal connections, making it possible to provide this level of service.

According to Ruby, “knowing who your customers are, and their full context and history, is the most important aspect for providing great service.”


A One-Stop-Shop to Best Serve the Customer  


A huge part of knowing the full context of your customer’s situation includes being able to see each time they’ve communicated with you, across all your channels. It was important for Cariuma to be able to integrate all their customer channels in one single timeline, that houses all their customer questions without having to stitch together different cases and IDs to see the full picture of their customer’s needs.


For example, if a customer chatted and emailed in, Cariuma can see if the customer is asking two separate questions or are they in fact asking a single question across multiple channels. So rather than responding via email and chat, service heroes can respond to both of their questions through a single, preferred channel. Even better, customers don’t have to repeat and recap why they are contacting them since the history is visible for the service hero to see. As Ruby mentions, this allows them to “respond to customer needs in a very efficient way, and also saves the agents hassle.”


With Gladly, Cariuma has the flexibility to seamlessly add additional channels, integrate their multiple Shopify stores, and leverage a solution that evolves with their business needs without the need to manage separate accounts. According to Felipe Araujo, Chief Digital Officer at Cariuma, they “needed a platform that could evolve” with them and all the customer information is inside Gladly, so they no longer need to go outside of Gladly to get the job done. And because of this, Cariuma has seen improvement in their NPS and Customer Satisfaction scores as they are able to help their customers much more efficiently than before.

“We needed a platform that could evolve with us.”

Felipe Araujo
Chief Digital Offer

Previously, service heroes needed to fill in a lot of sections to complete a single ticket, but now with Gladly they can close a customer inquiry with just a single click of a button. This has helped reduce the amount of internal work that service heroes need to complete with each customer that they help.

“Service heroes no longer need to fill in forms in the tickets, now they just need to focus their energy on how to best help the customer.”

Ruby Yang
Client Experience Manager


Since switching to Gladly, Cariuma has seen improvements to repeat rates and customer satisfaction scores, showing that understanding who your customer is, and their context, allows you to go above and beyond to create radically personal customer experiences that create customers for life.

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