Operates More Effectively in a Remote World

“Having that holistic view of the customer was a huge plus for moving to Gladly”

Danielle Murphy
Customer Experience Manager

Coaching from Afar

Being able to coach their agents remotely in real-time makes it easier to collaborate internally and reduces customer friction.

Seamless Remote Onboarding

Training new agents has been much more efficient allowing them to get up and running in days, not weeks.

All Channels, One Place

Having a holistic view of the customer without having to use multiple windows means agents can respond to customers faster.

Founded in 2015 by Bianca Gates and Marisa Sharkey, Birdies is a female-founded footwear brand that was born out of a need for stylish, comfortable shoes to wear inside the home. The brand has evolved for versatile everyday use, offering a range of signature styles that combine the support of a sneaker, the softness of a slipper, and the style of a designer flat, all featuring the company’s exclusive 7-layer comfort technology.

Birdies’ mission is to create stylish and comfortable shoes made by women, for women so that we can conquer each day with confidence, passion, & purpose. And their goal is to make sure that customers look and feel their best every single day. Everything Birdies does is customer-driven, and that translates directly to their focus on excellent customer service—which is especially important when it comes to working effectively in a remote world.


Collaborating Remotely with Ease

Since switching to Gladly, collaborating internally has been really effective, according to Danielle Murphy, Customer Experience Manager, especially in challenging times when you can’t be together in the same room.

“I absolutely love the Tasks feature. It gives me something in my inbox to bullet point out with my team and coach them in the moment,” Danielle explains. Agents can now get help from her in real-time and prevent any errors from reaching their customers through more effective collaboration that’s often done behind-the-scenes.


Besides using Tasks to collaborate with teammates, Birdies can also assign Tasks to themselves to help them organize the work they need to do for a customer and by when. For example, if a customer loves The Starling flat, an agent can create a task to follow up with them when a new color drops and work with the warehouse department to ship them directly, all inside Gladly.


With Birdies relentless focus on the customer and ensuring that they always have exceptional service requires things to get done quickly, and through Gladly’s collaboration tools, they’re able to do just that. “The customer doesn’t suffer because the agents are able to get an answer from me quickly,” Danielle notes.


Pivoting in the Moment

Danielle also loves using Gladly’s Topics feature to see exactly why customers are reaching out at any given moment. Being in the nitty gritty and having to figure out why customers are reaching out on a daily basis—like if there are any trends, what can they fix quickly—are all important things they want visibility on in real-time to make for a better customer experience. For example, if multiple customers were reaching out inquiring about the shipping status of a recent pair of flats they bought, agents can quickly look into any issues or delays with shipping carriers.

Taking it even further, being able to assign action items on specific Topics that span specific customer inquiries that come their way has been a real “game changer” for Birdies according to Danielle. It allows the team the ability to create workflows based on specific customer issues and have those tasks tied back to the customer.


“The customer doesn’t suffer because the agents are able to get an answer from me quickly”

Danielle Murphy
Customer Experience Manager

A Holistic View of the Customer

In a world where remote is the new norm, visibility into the day-to-day of agent tasks as well as customer interactions is a priority for Birdies.


With a full-suite of reports available out-of-the-box, Birdies is able to access tons of customer data that allows them to see a holistic view of who their customer is all in one place.


They noticed that customers were reaching out from all platforms and they had to stitch things together on the backend because they didn’t want to keep having to ask their customers the same questions, resulting in them (both customers and agents!) being frustrated and tons of duplicate tickets.


“Having that holistic view of the customer in a single platform was a huge plus for moving to Gladly” Danielle mentions, especially without having to manage multiple vendors.


Since Birdies prides itself on creating exceptional customer experiences and really going above and beyond to ensure their customers are happy, seeing a full view of their customers means their better able to provide that level of exceptional support for them.



Seamlessly Switch to Digital  

Since switching to Gladly, Birdies has not only seen upticks in customers self-serving through chat, but they’ve also added Text Message to their belt.  For customers who prefer to call in, they offer them the ability to switch to text if they would rather not wait on the phone to provide more efficient service. 


Birdies team is small (but mighty) so increasing usage of self-service and letting customers switch from phone to text seamlessly has really helped them keep wait times down, manage workload and increase customer satisfaction even when they’re a distributed team.



Ramping Up for the Holiday Season 

What normally is a stressful time for the customer service industry, Birdies was able to increase staff with ease this holiday season, and training new agents has been easier with Gladly.


Danielle takes a very detailed approach to get her agents up to speed, through creating her own recordings, libraries and training sessions, to onboard agents, but also leveraging resources that come with Gladly such as agent onboarding docs and a public help center, her team can get up to speed that much quicker. “It really encourages agents to self-serve and find their answers as well.” Danielle mentions.


Keeping customers happy and engaged with their brand is always top-of-mind for Birdies. With the help of Gladly’s holistic view of the customer and tons of efficiency gains from an operational standpoint, Birdies is not only able to exceed customer expectations but also work more effectively in a remote world.

Features UsedTasks, IVR to SMS
IndustryD2C, Retail
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