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Not Your Grandma’s Hotel (Or Experience)

When picturing a hotel room, you’re likely to think of crisp white sheets, plush (typically nondescript) carpeting, and a compact, practical desk and chair, tucked neatly in a corner.

And while that’s a perfectly functional picture, for Sonder it signalled an opportunity to take the usual hotel experience from anonymous and cookie-cutter, to something modern and personal—a space that could combine the reliability and high standard of service you’d expect from a hotel, with the warmth, authenticity, and character of home. To that end, each Sonder is designed with comfort and livability in mind, with every well-appointed space featuring a living room, comfortable beds, and carefully chosen amenities and essentials. Help as well is just a text message away—and available 24/7— whether a guest needs extra towels or has questions on how to work the shower.

But to deliver the cutting-edge service to match their 21st-century spaces, Sonder knew they needed a modern customer service platform; one that would empower their teams to make their guests’ experience feel truly personal (beyond the homey furnishings), wherever in the world they were.

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The team loves the fact that they have all of a customer’s history of communications, and their information, available to them right from the start. It’s made their job a lot easier.


Red Carpet Support

Having all of a customers’ details and their communications— regardless of the channel it came in through—in one space means agents have the context to deliver a more personalized experience.

Ground Control

By leveraging Gladly’s Tasks feature, Sonder’s agents enjoyed improved collaboration with their remote, on-the-ground maintenance teams, providing their guests with a seamless experience from request to resolution.

In-Room Message Service

Sonder saw an increase in agent efficiency with Gladly's IVR-to-SMS push feature encouraging customers to opt for SMS support. That meant agents could handle multiple SMS customers at once versus just one phone call.

A Suite-er Experience

By doing away with their disparate customer support platforms, Sonder agents were finally able to see the full history of their customers, and leverage that context to deliver an experience as personal as a Sonder apartment.

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