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Making a better world is no small feat.

Native Shoes may be a newer footwear brand on the market, but it’s one with a bold mission statement: to help their customers make a big impact, every time they put on a pair of their shoes.

To do that, the self-titled Beast Free shoe-maker (their shoes are Approved Vegan by PETA) invests a lot of energy and thought into designing shoes that promote sustainability, and help to create a lighter, healthier, happier world. So for a brand that cares so much about the future of their customers, it’s no surprise they were equally concerned with how their customers felt in the present.

For Native Shoes, their previous platform just wasn’t helping their agents deliver the type of experience they wanted—from siloed data, to the time wasted piecing together disparate tickets. They knew they needed a new platform to help them reflect just as much care and attention into the customer experience, as they put into every pair of shoes they make.

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Having every communication with a customer streamlined into one window has been extremely beneficial for the team, and made their workflow so much easier. They also really love how all the information about a customer is just visible from the get-go.


Kicking It Into High Gear

Since every communication—regardless of channel—is threaded into a single customer profile, agents no longer waste time piecing together and merging multiple tickets, and get to helping customers faster.

A ‘Sole’ Source of Truth

Key customer information is surfaced to agents in a single view—from their past orders to previous conversations—making it easy for agents to understand their customers in one glance.

Tying It All Together

Agents now use Gladly to communicate with back office and warehouse staff, rather than third-party apps. So they never have to leave Gladly to get work done, and can tie work directly to a customer’s profile for easier tracking.

Laced Up For Success

Having all of a customer’s key information and communications in a single profile means Native Shoes agents spend less time searching for what they need to make their customers’ experience amazing, and can instead get to doing those things faster.

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