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Finding Your Happy Place

For over 75 years, JOANN has been in the business of helping customers find their
creative ‘happy place’. Whether they’re a weekend knitter or top-selling Etsy crafter,
JOANN has made it a mission to cater to the specific needs of its diverse range of customers.

Its one-of-a-kind concept store in Ohio is a great example of this unwavering dedication to customer individuality, featuring elements like the Craft Creator—a kiosk where customers can put their personal touch on trending Pinterest projects—as well as concierge sewing services for those wanting their own bespoke creations.

But for JOANN, it was important that this attention to individuality carried into every interaction that a customer had with them, including the times they reach out for support outside of the store. Because helping customers find their happy place shouldn’t just be an in-store experience, but a JOANN experience.

Watch the webinar to see how JOANN slashed their email backlog by 93%!

Since our partnership with Gladly, our customer response has been incredibly positive. Not only have we seen significant results in reduced response times and email backlog, but Gladly has helped us develop more meaningful relationships with our customers. For a brand that stands for individuality, that is the most valuable service a partner can provide.


Paint a Full Picture

JOANN's Customer Care team are empowered with a full understanding of the customer and their journey, from past interactions to purchase preferences, to order history and marketing emails.

Automate Your D.I.Y

Within the first month, JOANN reduced its email backlog by 93%, and decreased email response times by 70%.

Cut From the Same Cloth

Unified reporting across all channels means managers can compare apples to apples, instead of trying to consolidate disparate reporting systems and terminology.

Take Support From Patchwork to Cashmere

By unifying their disparate platforms, JOANN saw immediate gains in operational efficiency, reducing email backlog by almost 93%, and response times by 70%. And with key customer information surfaced within each customer’s individual profile, JOANN’s Customer Care representatives are empowered to provide a world-class customer experience that’s fitting to their brand—one that’s as easy and seamless as a conversation with friends, and that feels just as personal.

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