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40 million annually

Support Channels

Chat, Email, SMS, Phone, Social

A Culture Built on Humanity

When JetBlue was started back in 1999, they had a clear mission and philosophy: to bring humanity back to air travel. This meant treating the customer with the same dignity and respect that they would expect on the ground—it meant full-size soda cans, ample leg room, complimentary seat-back TVs, and most importantly, a customer service experience that put the customer back at the center of its operations.

As they continue to evolve and grow, JetBlue’s mission to be where their customers are has driven them to modernize their customer support operations and to continually push the envelope on what it means to provide good customer service.

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A JetBlue experience is more than just getting passengers from one place to another—it's about building meaningful relationships with our customers and treating them with humanity as people, not numbers.


Customer Insight

With key information about a customer gathered in a single view, agents have better insight into who their customers are and their needs.

Relationships That Last

By routing customers to the same agent, regardless of channel, agents are empowered to have empathetic conversations and build connections with customers.

Seamless Segues

Since every interaction is threaded in a single timeline, agents and customers can switch seamlessly across channels. No repeat+recap needed.

JetBlue's Co-pilot to Customer Delight

Gladly and JetBlue are working together to bring a different experience to customers—one that is personalized, thoughtful, and that puts people—not tickets or cases—at the center of it.

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