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An Experience Fit for Royalty

Having been official chocolatiers to the Royal Court of Belgium, it’s always been in Godiva’s ethos to provide their customers (royalty or not) with the highest level of personalized service.

When a customer enters a Godiva boutique, in-store associates are at hand, ready to understand the wants and preferences of their customers and steer them towards the offerings most suited to their needs. It’s that attention to detail and their understanding of their customer’s unique individuality that has elevated Godiva’s service, helping them take an average shopping experience from ordinary to extraordinary.

When it came to delivering their brand of customer service across channels, Godiva wanted to replicate the same high-touch experience that they have in their boutiques across all their service channels.

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We're no longer treating customers like tickets, or having standalone, transactional, interactions with our customers. With Gladly, Godiva agents are empowered to treat customers like people.


Better Relationships

Agents can leverage past interactions to build relationships and provide personalized recommendations.

Seamless Experience

Both agents and customers can switch between channels without losing context. Godiva handled 400% more chats with 50% fewer agents.

Happy Agents = Happy Customers

Agent turnover fell. And agents no longer avoid using certain channels because of poor user experience.

Transforming the Ordinary to Extraordinary Together

With Gladly, Godiva’s bringing the extraordinary level of service they’re known for in-store, to the customers who meet them online or over the phone. Armed with key customer context, Godiva agents can personalize every experience, so customers feel valued as individuals, and less like anonymous tickets. And because agents love using Gladly, agent turnover has fallen, and they don’t avoid using channels they used to find clunky and unintuitive.