Integrate with what matters to create exceptional support experiences

Gladly’s integration capabilities allow you to arm your agents to create exceptional support experiences to build lifelong customers — all without sacrificing the simplicity of user experience or placing undue burden on your technical teams.


Bridge the gap between your systems of record and your agents’ view

Gladly connectors are out-of-the-box integrations with popular order management, customer relationship management, and other enterprise systems. With connectors, you can integrate Gladly into your existing ecosystem in days or even hours.

The best part? Connectors come ready to use right out of the box. There is no code to write or install.

Connectors docs

Bridge the gap between your systems of record and your agents’ view
Automate real-time workflows triggered by events in Gladly

Automate real-time workflows triggered by events in Gladly

Gladly webhooks are a streamlined, easy way to build apps that respond to events in Gladly. Tell us where to send notifications about events that you are interested in (e.g. when a conversation is closed), and we’ll deliver them to the endpoint of your choice with speed, visibility, and security.

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Conversational customer service at scale powered by APIs

Gladly’s API are built to help you facilitate customer service conversations and make customers feel like they’re more than just a number in a sea of help tickets.

Customers API

Populate Gladly with information about your customers including their profile, contact information, and notes. The Customer API allows you to add, update, and get customer profile data. Give agents essential customer details and enable them to make customers feel known.

Customers API doc

Create customer

Find customer

Get customer

Update customer

Conversations API

Pull in any customer event into the customer conversation timeline. Provide agents with visibility to customer events that may be critical or relevant to a customer’s interaction with your company. Agents are armed with more context and know exactly what customers are referring to when they reach out.

Conversations API doc

Marketing emails from marketing automation

Notifications from transactional systems

Tickets from legacy customer service solutions

Tasks from work management platforms

And more

Customer Lookup API

Search for and return customer profiles, attributes, and activities. The Gladly Lookup API allows you to provide data services to enhance your agents’ experience with a complete view of the customers’ information. Once the Lookup API is implemented, Gladly will call it when specified data is needed.

Customer Lookup API doc

Basic Lookup returns customer profile
Detailed Lookup gets customer attributes

Communications API

Programmatically send messages to your customers via Gladly communications channels such as SMS. Customers can respond directly to the automated SMS notifications and be instantaneously connected to an agent. This creates a seamless and effective customer experience with automated messages.

Communications API doc

Programmatically send SMS

Sidekick API

Give customers instant answers to common questions and quick access to human help. The Gladly Sidekick is an embeddable UI element that lives on your website and allows customers to search for answers or talk and interact with your team in real-time.

Sidekick API doc

Help customers self-solve

Make it easy to for customers to reach an agent

Reporting API

Access Gladly reports via API. The Reporting API streamlines data workflows and provides you with an efficient way to access Gladly standard metrics in a tool of your choice.

Reporting API

Generate report

Answers API

Surface Answers directly to customers. Answers API allows you to search and retrieve Answers, which can be displayed in the Gladly Sidekick, used to build your website’s help center/FAQ page, or published on your website.

Answers API

Author Answers once, publish anywhere

Create a help center that is unique to you

Search and return public answers

Conversation Export API

Export your customers’ ‘lifetime of conversations’ to a data warehouse. Conversation Export is a simple, comprehensive, file-based data export. You can export conversation data one time for ad-hoc analysis or on a regular basis.

Conversation Export API

Export conversations

Seeing is believing. See Gladly in Action.

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