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Why use customer service software?

Customers, not cases

Good ticket service isn’t good customer service. Agents can use the Gladly customer service tools to deliver radically personal customer service from a single, continuous view of purchase history and inquiries in 
a conversation timeline.

Built for scale

Scale your contact center as your business grows. Gladly is a customer service platform designed to handle an unlimited volume of data, including customer interactions, partner integrations, and agent activity.

Native voice, and more

Respond to customers across all channels 
from a single screen. Experience customer support software with contact channels natively built-in to remove the complexity and costs of third-party vendors. On average, our customers see a 40% decrease in costs by consolidating their technology stack.

The user-friendliest

Make onboarding fast and adoption easy with the #1 preferred customer service software among agents. Gladly provides a true single pane of glass and a modern UI to optimize agent productivity. It takes just two days, on average, for agents to fully train on Gladly.

What is customer service software?

Customer service software is used by customer service and support teams to manage customer requests, complaints, and more. It helps agents deliver customer satisfaction and improve customer experience, building and maintaining customer loyalty through helpful support.

How does customer service software work?

Customer service software connects with customer communication channels, including email, phone, live chat, social media, messaging apps, and customer service portals. When customers contact your business on any of these channels, typical customer service software automatically creates a ticket and assigns it to a specific department or agent based on predefined criteria.

How to choose the best customer service software

When selecting customer service software for your company, you’ll want to evaluate each platform by a set list of criteria. To ensure you get the most out of your customer service software, we recommend you look for a system with most, if not all, of the following features.

Key features of customer service software

Personalized IVR

Eliminate long, confusing phone trees that frustrate customers. Pull key customer data, including delivery status and upcoming reservations directly into your IVR, so every call is automatically relevant and personalized.

24/7 web chat

Make it easy for customers to find the answer they need. Webchat can be accessed from anywhere on your website, so customers can remain on the checkout page while getting their final questions answered.

Real-time dynamic routing

Connect the right agent to each customer every time with our patented intelligent routing engine. Match customers to the best-suited agent, based on skills, capacity, urgency, and any other criteria you want.

Dynamic FAQs

Get each customer the answers they’re really looking for. You can display different answers on your FAQ in a customer’s native language based on their location and what webpage they are on.

Trusted customer service software

Gladly is helping the fastest-growing retail and e-commerce brands deliver customer service that sets them apart. Explore their stories.

Pay-as-you go customer service software

Only pay for what you use. With Gladly, you get one simple transparent price for all channels built-in and integrated on a single platform. Flexible pricing means you can scale up and down, month-to-month.

See why customers choose Gladly

“Gladly has helped decrease overall time spent on customer care; it’s no longer a time consuming and tedious job for our agents. Now it is much easier to share the workload and focus on additional internal marketing projects to better educate our customers.”

Michael Bowman
Customer Care Coordinator, Davines

Supporting the world's top brands


Customer service software comparison

There are lots of customer service software solutions out there, so Gladly has made it easy to compare it against Kustomer, Gorgias, Zendesk, Oracle and Salesforce.



How customer service software can help your business

Increase customer lifetime value

Turn your contact center into a revenue generator with a customer service platform that empowers your agents to use past purchases and buying preferences to give personalized recommendations, capitalize on selling opportunities through proactive conversations, and even collect credit card information through chat to finalize a sale.

Reduce agent churn

Gladly is a customer service platform designed to minimize agent effort with a modern UI and visual conversation timelines that truly displays all customer communications and information in a single pane of glass. On average, Gladly boosts agent productivity by 20%.

Consolidate your tech stack

With all customer channels natively built-in, Gladly reduces customers’ total cost of ownership by an average of 40%, compared to other customer service software solutions.

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