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We call it radically personal service. Your customers will call it magic.

Gladly is the service platform that treats customers like people, not tickets.
We make service teams wildly efficient, transform contact centers into revenue drivers and turn customers into die-hard fans.


Treat your customers like people, not tickets

Make every customer feel like your only customer

Even if they’re one among millions, every customer wants to feel known and valued. Give your agents a complete picture of each customer so they can personalize every interaction, and use customer context to route a customer to the agents best matched to their individual needs.

Build one lifelong conversation

10% increase

in average customer satisfaction

Easy for customers, effortless for agents

Customers choose brands that are easy to do business with. Align your service experience to the way today’s consumers think and behave by equipping your agents to resolve issues quickly, engage seamlessly across channels, and problem solve across the entire customer experience.

Boost Agent Efficiency

20% increase

in average agent efficiency

Drive loyalty and revenue by making agents into heroes

Today’s consumers expect far more from a service interaction than issue resolution. They want insights into products, advice on what to buy, and help completing the purchase. Drive more value for customers and your business by empowering your service heroes to consult, advise and sell.

Increase Revenue

10% increase

in average contact center generated revenue

Future-proof architecture your IT team will love

Innovating for customers shouldn’t mean burdening your IT team with a Frankenstack. Choose a solution that natively delivers telephony, messaging, knowledge management, routing, IVR, and reporting in a single, modern platform with APIs to easily connect to existing infrastructure.

Reduce IT Costs

40% reduction

in average contact center technologies costs

''In less than a month we’d cut our email backlog by 93% and our email response times by 70%—it’s all thanks to how simple and efficent Gladly is to use.''

Drew Chamberlain
Director of Customer Experience

Can your customer service platform do this?

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Customer service is at its best when it's a conversation. Start one today.
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Customer service is at its best when it's a conversation. Start one today.