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We started Gladly with a vision to reinvent business-to-consumer customer service by putting people back at the center of it all. And as a company, we have a cultural value of putting our people first too. So having great people join our team is one of the best news to share. 

I’m excited to welcome two new members to our executive team who I know will be amazing partners to everyone at Gladly. Katie Doyle is joining as our VP of Marketing, and Kim Desmond, joins as our VP of Customer Success.  

Katie brings over 15 years of experience to the table, having worked in both the startup and enterprise space. Amongst her recent accomplishments was at Outreach.io, which she not only helped scale from $8M to $50M in the span of 2 years, but also created an altogether new category in the industry—the sales engagement platform—of which she established Outreach as the leader.   
Similarly, Kim also brings her over 18 years of experience in the customer success field to Gladly, having overseen a variety of post-sales functions from implementation, to support and training, as well as customer success. Notably, Kim was employee number 18 at Demandtec, which she helped grow to over 500 people, including her own Customer Success Team which she grew to a healthy 100-strong team. Kim was also responsible for helping establish Demandtec’s European presence.  

Both Katie and Kim bring with them not only an incredible amount of experience, but also a deep passion for understanding and solving customer problems, and making their lives better: tenets we hold strongly here at Gladly.  

I want to extend a big Gladly welcome to Kim and Katie. I am truly excited to partner with you as we help take the company forward in its journey to deliver radically personal customer service.


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