Unlocking the True Power of Your Service Heroes

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In the increasingly digital-first world of retail, consumers are looking for brands that provide an exceptional online service experience. Your customers want a personalized, seamless shopping process—but for that to happen, your service agents are going to need the right tools.

We’ve put together a new ebook to show how the right tech can empower your service heroes and help your brand provide radically personal, wildly efficient service. Below is an excerpt from the ebook, or you can download the full story here.

The State of Today’s Contact Center

As e-commerce takes the place of the flagship store, many brands are realizing that they lack the tools to provide truly great service in the digital marketplace. The problem? Traditional methods of online service are inefficient and unsatisfying.

Gladly’s surveys have shown that 97% of companies fail to offer an omnichannel experience within the same platform. As a result, 60% of agents say they use at least three systems or windows when helping a single customer, resulting in decreased productivity.

Duplicate tickets are also a major problem. Ninety-two percent of companies report that they experience ticket duplication in their contact centers, leading to inefficiency and customer dissatisfaction. Most customers want their issues resolved quickly across a single conversation, and being forced to repeat themselves to multiple agents can quickly lead to frustration.

Finally, less than one-third of companies offer self-service options for their online customers, despite the fact that self-service frees up agents, increases efficiency, and is sought after by many consumers.

Add it all up, and you have a recipe for massive inefficiency and an unsatisfying customer service experience at many companies’ online stores. To see how the right tech can help a company avoid these issues, take a look at the following brand’s experience switching to Gladly.

Andie’s story

Andie is a swimwear brand whose mission is to offer classic, timeless suits that women can try on from home and provide trained experts ready to offer support.

When it came to getting the right support to their customers, however, Andie was faced with a problem: their traditional, ticket-based support system made it hard to provide service that felt personal to each customer.

“With our previous platform, it was hard to make customers feel like they were being treated as human. They became tickets, and they would get ticket numbers with automated messages like #do not reply above this line#”

Karen Zhou

Director of Operations, Andie

Andie’s solution? They switched to Gladly’s all-in-one customer service platform.

Whereas Andie’s previous service platform routed customers by ticket and relied heavily on automated messages, Gladly’s platform makes it easy for members of the Andie service team to view a customer’s name, past transactions, and communications history before reaching out. A single member of Andie’s “Fit Experts” support team now has all the tools they need to provide each customer with a personalized, concierge experience—no robo-messages required.

Switching to Gladly has also allowed the team at Andie to work more efficiently so that they can focus on providing customers with the best possible experience.

Like many businesses, Andie often has customers who reach out for support across more than one channel—but when using their previous system, Andie’s support agents had to search for and identify all previous tickets from the same customer to ensure that multiple agents weren’t working on the same issue. Needless to say, this led to a lot of wasted time.

Andie’s adoption of Gladly’s platform effectively eliminated this issue by allowing agents to instantly view a customer’s entire communications history across all platforms. There’s no chance of agent collision, and team members can get right to work.

Andie was also able to introduce new self-service options using Gladly’s self-service channel, Sidekick. Sidekick allows customers to answer certain questions on their own, reducing the volume of questions that reach the support team and allowing Andie’s Fit Experts to speed up their average response time.

Taken together, these changes have had a huge impact: since switching to Gladly, Andie has lowered their average wait time by 35% while cutting their Order-to-Contact ratio in half—meaning that each member of Andie’s small team has more time to spend on the customers who need them.

“With our previous platform, it was hard to make customers feel like they were being treated as human. They became tickets, and they would get ticket numbers with automated messages like #do not reply above this line#”

Melanie Travis

CEO and Founder, Andie

For more customer stories and insights on how a platform like Gladly can help empower your service heroes, check out the full ebook here.