Wall Street Journal: JetBlue to Take Customer-Service Tech to the Skies

After Gladly software shaved time from customer-service calls, the airline plans to roll it out to in-flight crew

[The excerpt below originally appeared on the
Wall Street Journal]

JetBlue Airways Corp.’s partnership with startup Gladly Inc. has shaved time from its customer service calls, and the airline plans to introduce its software on flights so cabin crew can have a bird’s-eye view of information about customers onboard.

Eash Sundaram, JetBlue’s chief digital and technology officer, said the airline could roll out the software to thousands of in-flight crew members next year after testing it with dozens of employees later this year. By looking at in-flight tablets, flight attendants could see, for example, whether a specific passenger boarded the plane after the frustrating experience of missing a different flight and offer them a free drink.

The software can also prompt crew members to offer complimentary perks or seats with more leg room to frequent fliers who have problems during the flight, such as a broken TV screen.

“That kind of stuff doesn’t exist today,” Mr. Sundaram said, because information about customers is spread across multiple systems and hard to access.

Read the full story in the Wall Street Journal:

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