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Harvard Business Review Case Study: JetBlue & Gladly, Omnichannel Customer Service

Harvard Business Review

William E. Youngdahl, a professor at Thunderbird School of Global Management, authored a Harvard Business Review case study analyzing JetBlue’s journey from its start as NewAir back in 1999, to its most recent decision to partner with Gladly to revolutionize its award-winning customer service.

The airline industry has faced a significant amount of competition and unique challenges over the past 20 years. And while many airlines chose to counter those challenges with cost-cutting measures like reduced legroom or removing in-flight entertainment systems, JetBlue has consistently remained an outlier in its field. Instead of scaling back on amenities, JetBlue has doubled down on its unique mission of ‘Bringing humanity back to air travel’, focusing its efforts on investing in new technologies to make their customer experience better and build brand loyalty.

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And that strategy certainly paid off. JetBlue was one of only two airlines to remain profitable in the wake of the September attacks, and is one of the few airlines synonymous with five star customer service, as evidenced by their 12 consecutive J.D. Power and Associates awards for excellence in service.

In the case study, Youngdahl presents a detailed look into:

  1. JetBlue’s beginnings and some of its key business and policy decisions (including their pioneering Customer Bill of Rights);
  2. The motivating factors behind JetBlue’s passionate, customer-first focus;
  3. How and why Gladly was started; and
  4. Why JetBlue chose to partner with Gladly and how we’re working together to build on JetBlue’s award-winning customer service.

For a full copy of the article: Reach out to us at, and we’ll be happy to send you one.

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