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Learn how to leverage the best of AI automation to handle repetitive, tedious customer requests so your agents can focus on high-value customer interactions.

It’s no secret that over 50% of your customers contact your agents daily with common requests such as, “where is my order?”  As these requests continue to pile up, your customers still expect fast, personalized service. To meet their standards, you’ll need to equip your team with the tools to maintain the level of support your customers expect and deserve.

The best way to accomplish this is by combining the potential of an agent-empowering CX platform with a generative AI solution. In this post, we’ll examine how this type of partnership currently works between Gladly, a customer-centric support platform, and Thankful, a generative AI solution.

Using AI to Free Up Your Customer Service Heroes

About Thankful

Unlike traditional bot services, Thankful’s AI automation provides human-like service that will have your customers thinking it’s a human on the other end. It can resolve over 50+ common customer requests, freeing up your agents to focus on high-value interactions and deliver radically personal customer service experiences.

About Gladly

Gladly provides agents with a complete view of the customer through the Customer Profile, including past and present conversations. This lifetime view of the customer’s conversation includes anything handled by Thankful, allowing your agents to seamlessly pick the conversation up right where it left off. Your customers will never have to recap or repeat themselves. With the help of AI automation, your agents are able to focus on building relationships, boosting brand loyalty, and driving revenue within the contact center.

“Not only have we seen significant results in reduced response times and email backlog, but Gladly has helped us develop more meaningful, personal relationships with our customers. For a brand that stands for individuality, that is the most valuable service a partner can provide.”

Drew Chamberlain

Director of Operations and Customer Experience, JOANN

Gladly customer JOANN leverages the Thankful integration to create relationship building bandwidth.

Radically Scale Your Ability to Support More with Less

Freeing up service heroes to focus on high-value customer interactions such as cross-selling or upselling, or de-escalating customer frustration is just the tip of the iceberg.

Incorporating AI automation into your customer service experience results in an increased ability to support more inbound customer requests while also reducing wait times. With around-the-clock AI automation support, you’re able to help your customers resolve common inquiries at any time of the day, seven days a week, allowing your agents to quickly address the more complex and pressing issues faster than ever before.

Once customer service agents can operate in this fashion, the entire team can shift from reactive customer service to proactive customer service, which sets them up for long-term relationship building, as well as revenue generation.

Expand Your Ability to Handle Spikes and Seasonal Support

Scaling your customer service capacity through automation not only helps your team do more with less, but it also prepares your team for the turbulent, unforeseen events that occur daily and seasonally within the contact center.

While you’re doing your best to staff the contact center to meet the demands of your customers, sometimes it’s not enough to manage a large influx in inbound inquiries due to an unexpected product defect or a better-than-expected appetite for your newest promotion. Leveraging AI automation to mitigate these spikes or even help with seasonal support needs provides your contact center with more elasticity to ensure you’re always prepared for anything without the costs associated with overstaffing or seasonal hires.

“We love the combination of Gladly and Thankful. We’ve experienced major gains in efficiency, conversations are resolved faster with less effort! We estimate automation has saved our team over 60 hours per week and expect to see that number continue to grow.”

Colleen Curran

Sr. Manager Customer Experience, Bonafide Health

How It Works

The Gladly + Thankful integration allows you to use AI automation across your text channels like email, chat, in-app, and SMS. You have complete control of what types of customer requests you want Thankful to handle. Everything else will be assigned directly to your agents in Gladly.

Thankful gives you full control to decide which customers and situations AI will handle versus human agents in Gladly.

Thankful gives you full control to decide which customers and situations AI will handle versus human agents in Gladly.

Once Thankful is up and running, it will act as an extension of your team within Gladly. Every interaction is logged within the customer’s lifeline Conversation Timeline so your agents always have context of past and present conversation. A single conversational thread gives your agents a quick and easy way to reference conversation from the past and keep the conversation personal.

All interactions are presented in a single, lifelong conversation timeline.

All interactions are presented in a single, lifelong conversation timeline.

If a customer starts a conversation with Thankful and follows up with something more complex or a request that requires the assistance of an agent, Thankful will add a note and assign the conversation to the next available agent.

Get full visibility of the customer conversation with Thankful to seamlessly pick up the conversation from right where it left off.

Get full visibility of the customer conversation with Thankful to seamlessly pick up the conversation from right where it left off.

To help save your agent time from tedious work, Thankful is even able to auto-apply a topic within Gladly based on the context of the conversation – as seen in the image above.

Want to See What Intelligent Automation Can Do For Your Customer Service Team?

The benefits are clear — applying intelligent automation to relieve agents from tackling ongoing tasks that are highly manual and repetitive clears the way for efficiency. With greater bandwidth, agents transform into customer service heroes who can be even more customer-focused, provide radically personal service, and encourage brand loyalty where they work.

If you’re interested in seeing what the Gladly + Thankful integration can do for your team, book a free, obligation-free demo with the Gladly team, or start a conversation with Thankful.


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