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Does Your Customer Service Meet Consumer Expectations?

Retailers are no strangers to growing customer demands. So while you may not be able to out-Amazon your competition, you can totally win over repeat customers by focusing on people.

The quality of customer service can make or break any ecommerce business. We know consumers want 24/7 service, global shipping and personalized offers. But what about the things consumers don’t want? What drives consumers away? What do they want to feel when they call a service team or chat with an agent online? What makes them come back you over and over?

Over the last few years, Gladly has conducted thorough surveys of U.S. consumers and what they feel is lacking from their favorite brands. We asked people 50 detailed questions and here is a look at some of the biggest takeaways.

What we learned

Expectations are not always meeting reality. People are still having to repeat themselves, provide long ticket numbers and wait for responses. The good news is that once brands identify these pain points, they can address them and customers reap the benefits. 

Even if shopping online seems transactional, customer service should feel personal. Customers want to feel like people, not numbers. They want to feel that they are getting the same quality of service by phone or email as if they were going in-person to their favorite brick and mortar store. 

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Customer service is at its best when it's a conversation. Start one today.