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Every year, Gladly Connect Live brings together CX leaders and practitioners from the country’s most innovative and successful ecommerce brands to share insights in customer service. This two-dayconference is an opportunity to trade stories and tips on support center optimization and the benefits of using customer-centric solutions like Gladly.

In anticipation of this year’s event, we’ve gathered some quotes from Gladly Connect Live 2022 about the positive impact of Gladly and the benefits our customers have discovered. Let’s dive in and see what the hot topics were last year in anticipation for what’s to come in 2023.

CX Insight #1: Prioritizing the Agent Experience

Support centers work tirelessly to develop a customer-centric culture and workflow — but this approach sometimes means your agents’ well-being is an afterthought. If your agents are dissatisfied, your service infrastructure will collapse. Consequently, employees are far more engaged in their work when they feel invested in their tasks. Gallup found that highly engaged teams show a 81% reduction in absenteeism and a 14% increase in productivity.

The solution is to create a support center that not only makes everyday service tasks simpler but also helps agents prioritize higher-level tasks by automating the routine ones that create bottlenecks and reduce efficiency. Reducing the volume of these tasks is another way to make your agents’ lives easier. In addition, self-service gives more power to customers to solve their own issues with the added effect of making agents’ lives easier — and more interesting — by opening them up to more creative opportunities to drive revenue and engage customers.

What Framebridge shared at GC Live ’22

“The pinnacle of moving over to Gladly [is] the ease of use for our agents. All they’ve got to do is scroll up. It takes two or three minutes now, maybe four minutes, versus the 45 minutes that was taken prior. And that’s really kind of the key point: our customers are getting a much better experience because our agents are getting a much better experience. It’s so much easier for agents to handle these contacts now.”

CX Insight #2: Getting Customers to Their Solutions Even Faster

Channel independence is a norm for most ecommerce brands, particularly ones that partner with Gladly. But the more service channels you use, the more work it takes to ensure your customer journeys are smooth and speedy.

Gladly helps brands get in the habit of streamlining customer processes, helping you meet customers where they are to kickstart conversation even faster and use intelligent technology to craft personalized solutions.

What Breeze Airways shared at GC Live ’22

“I love the way Gladly helps Breeze come together to do those things to save our guests time and money in a seriously nice way. … We think we’ve saved our guests about 200,000 man-hours in not waiting on hold time because of our digital approach. [With People Match], we were able to help them about 70% quicker than we were able to help them in the past because they would come in in the proper order for their needs and what the specific thing was.”

CX Insight #3: Proactively Leveraging Shopper Transparency

Support centers record an enormous amount of customer data — all of it useful for future interactions. You just need a solution to make the most of this gold mine of resources at your disposal.

If correctly stored and made accessible, customer information creates more possibilities for agents to foster deeper relationships through personalized conversations. Moreover, more intimate knowledge of a shopper opens opportunities to upsell and cross-sell customers on products they’d love, endearing them to your brand and driving more revenue.

What Crate & Barrel shared at GC Live ’22

“It’s not actually uncomfortable, from a customer standpoint, for someone to know that you called before or to know that you are a credit card holder; it actually just acknowledges and shows gratitude for that engagement with your brand. … Giving the associates that information actually empowers them to offer truly magical service every time. … Gladly has helped be the right tool to provide total visibility [into] who that person is [and] really put the customer at the center of the entire experience.”


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