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You’ve run your customer service representatives through call scripts, your internal knowledge base, and how to access the many platforms and systems they need to deliver great service to your customers.

But how can you tell whether your agents are truly ready to take on your customers before you go ahead and set them loose on your unsuspecting customers?

Consider walking through a customer service scenario with your agents to test that they’ve truly internalized your rigorous training sessions and are in fact ready to take on your real-life customers.

Why Provide a Customer Service Scenarios Test?

As time-consuming as a customer service scenarios test may be, they’re an important investment. Play acting various scenarios allows your agents to put all of the theory they’ve learned during onboarding and training into action.

Keep in mind when using these customer service scenario test questions that you customize them based on your industry and common issues that your other agents face on a regular basis. It’s important to continuously expand these customer service scenario questions as you get more and more feedback from your other agents.

Customer Service Scenario Questions

Basic Customer Service Scenarios Test Questions

These basic scenario questions examine how your agents will greet and handle the most common requests from your customers.

  • A customer calls in. How do you greet them, and what are the first questions you ask?
  • Where do you find the complete conversation and purchase history of a customer that has reached out?
  • You’re routed a call from a past customer. How do you use our customer service platform and information to personalize the experience for them?
  • What is our procedure for you handling multiple customers via live chat?
  • A customer has a question that you are not sure how to answer. What do you do next?
  • A technical question has been asked that a colleague on the technical team would be better-suited to answer. How do you proceed?
  • You’ve just been asked about our standard shipping and return policies. How do you respond?
  • A customer calls in about an item that is out of stock. What do you do?
  • A customers accidentally hangs up, or is disconnected, in the middle of a call. What do you do?
  • A customer calls in wanting to cancel their order. What steps do you take to help them?
  • You’ve just resolved a customer’s issue. What are the next steps you take?

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Customer Service Scenario Questions for Dealing With Angry or Frustrated Customers

An angry or upset customer can catch an unsuspecting agent completely off-guard. How they manage and deal with frustrated customers can have a measurable impact on your brand. Make sure your agents are ready with these scenario questions.

  • When a customer calls in already irritated and/or irate, and demands to speak with a manager immediately, what should you do?
  • When escalating a call to a supervisor, manager, or specialist, what steps should you take to alert them and make them aware of the customer’s issue?
  • A customer becomes abusive during the call, what actions should you take?
  • A customer is not happy with the item or service they received. What steps do you take to resolve the situation?
  • You receive a live chat message from an irritated customer. They’ve been unable to call in due to high call volumes and long wait times. How do you approach the situation?
  • What do you do if a customer calls in upset because their item has been shipped to an incorrect address, and you find that this was due to their own error?
  • A customer calls in because the item they bought has not arrived. How do you handle this?

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Customer Service Scenario Questions About Existing Customers and Accounts

Returning customers account for a large portion of revenue. It’s important that your agents treat every returning customer with the personal touch needed to make them feel like a part of the family.

  • Please demonstrate how you would access vital customer information such as past purchases, account info, etc?
  • A loyal customer (one who frequently shops with us) reaches out to complain about technical difficulties they faced ordering products online. What do you do?
  • A customer reaches out for help on how to access their account and make a purchase. How would you walk them through the process?
  • A customer on the phone wants you to help them with a purchase. What must you do before you can process their transaction?
  • A customer reached out though live chat asking for help with a purchase. What must you do before you can process their transaction?
  • What’s the scoring criteria to determine which customers are best to up-sell or cross-sell to?
  • A customer calls in complaining of an issue with [insert unique problem to your business]. What do you do?
  • A customer has been billed accidentally. How would you resolve that issue?

Final Thoughts: Customer Service Scenarios Test

Ensuring that your customer service agents are ready to handle inbound customer calls and messages is essential for your company’s bottom line. However, training is just part of the solution. You need to validate that your customer service agents are ready by using scenario test questions to gauge their understanding of your tools, systems, procedures, and ideal customer experience.

Additionally, you’ll want to make sure you set your agents up for success. To give your customers the best experience make sure to implement tools that put them in the heart of every conversation.


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