Customer Service QA — Do You Have a Service-Driven Support Center?

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It’s not enough to simply clock in and close out as many tickets as you can by 5pm — modern CX leaders must create a thriving work environment that delights customers with service-driven support.

This service is the fuel behind loyalty — our Customer Expectations Report shows that nearly a third of consumers (32%) would “fall in love” with a brand over great service, a number that’s even higher among younger demographics like millennials (37%) and Gen Z (40%). In short, the future of loyalty starts right in the support center, as long as CX leaders know how to optimize them.

Unfortunately, some CX leaders overcorrect for optimization by putting intense pressure on agents to both churn out tickets and go above and beyond for customers, all while offering them limited resources in an under-funded support center. But what if agents had the ability — both technically and emotionally — to deliver high-quality customer service that didn’t force them to hate their jobs after a few weeks (or days)?

In our latest guide, “Making Service Your Business — A CX Leader’s Guide,” we break down every aspect of a successful modern service center. We explore the technology that you use to achieve great service, performance measurements of success, and different ways to uplift your support agents to proactively take control of their work and avoid customer service burnout.

What Does It Mean to Be Service-Driven?

A service-driven support center exemplifies the idea of service on either side of a customer conversation. More specifically, service-driven support creates a strong bond between a customer and a brand that the support agent facilitates and fosters. These agents have the unique ability to create that nurturing experience, but only when CX leaders have furnished them with the right work environment.

Gut-Checking Your Support Center Quality

As a CX leader, you’re constantly thinking over how much groundwork you need to set in order to build a successful team. The customer service QA checklist below gives you an honest look at where your support center stands today — whether it leads with service-driven effectiveness or falls short of delivering the quality that your customers and agents expect.


Our Guide Has the Answers Your Support Center Needs

This quick customer service QA might be a wake-up call about the state of your support center, but this is just the beginning of your journey as a CX leader. The next step is researching and applying the resources that will elevate your employees into a truly stellar, inspired team of agents that emphatically represent your brand.


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