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The first few days for a new customer service agent can feel pretty overwhelming—from learning to juggle multiple platforms and systems, to familiarizing themselves with shipping and return policies, there’s a lot that they have to learn before they can even begin to help your customers.

That’s why it’s important when training your newest customer service agents to test their responses to live chat questions.

Use the customer service chat assessment below to test if your new agents are truly ready to start helping customers.

About The Customer Service Chat Assessment Test

It would be nearly impossible to create a live chat training test to fit your unique circumstances. We recommend using this chat assessment test as a template that you customize to fit your industry, including the common questions or concerns that you may hear from your customers. Make sure to create your version of the questions below, and to provide your agents with a time limit to complete each question.

Customer Service Chat Assessment Test


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Basic Customer Service Live Chat Questions

Your contact center agents are eager to start helping shoppers, but you need to make sure they’ve internalized all of the lessons they’ve learned from onboarding.  Use these basic live chat test questions to see how your agents would respond to real-life scenarios.

  • A shopper connects to live chat. How would you greet them?
  • A shopper has requested more information on [insert product you offer here]. How you would respond to them?
  • A shopper has connected via live chat, what are the first (insert number)things you should do?
  • How do you determine whether to route a shopper to another department or handle the question yourself?
  • What would you do in a situation where you don’t know the answer to a shopper’s question? A shopper asks you to compare our products to another brand. How would you respond?
  • How do you respond if a shopper asks about the quality of our products?
  • What do you do if a shopper is disconnected from the live chat session?
  • How do you access helpful customer information such as their past purchases or account information?
  • A customer calls in asking for help accessing their account. How would you talk them through this?
  • A customer wants you to process a purchase for them. What steps do you need to take before processing that transaction?
  • If a customer has been billed accidentally, what process do you take to resolve that issue?

Customer Service Live Chat Questions About Shipping and Returns

Shoppers will frequently have questions regarding your company’s shipping and returns policies. Putting the customer at ease about the shipping time and status, and instilling confidence that you have a return policy that can meet their needs is important in creating a positive brand experience. Use the questions below to assess how your agent will handle shipping and returns questions.

  • A shopper asks how long an item will take to ship. How would you respond?
  • What are the different shipping options that we provide to customers?
  • A shopper asks how soon an item ships upon purchase. How would you respond?
  • A customer asks about the expected delivery time of an item they’ve purchased. Upon investigating, you see  that their item has already shipped, but will be delayed past the expected delivery window. How do you respond and put them at ease?
  • How do you respond if a customer has received a damaged product?
  • A customer is dissatisfied with their purchase and asks about our return policy. What do you tell them?
  • A customer wishes to return an item, but it is outside the return window. What do you tell them?

Customer Service Live Chat Test Questions for Promotions and Upselling

Your agents will frequently connect with shoppers who have questions during the checkout process, or questions regarding promotions. This is a pivotal moment in the support experience, where a customer is close to completing the purchase, but which could be derailed by a poor or confusing experience. You can use these questions to test your agents’ ability to help customers through your promotion codes and policies, and take advantage of any opportunity to upsell or cross-sell to your customers.

  • A shopper asks if we’re currently offering any discounts or promotions. How do you respond?
  • What do you do when a customer asks about a sold-out item?
  • How do you respond to a customer whose promo code is not working on checkout?
  • A shopper is adding [insert product] to their cart. How do you find out what other products they might be interested in purchasing?
  • A shopper is asking for help purchasing a product. How would you approach recommending other products they may be interested in.

Customer Service Live Chat Assessment Test for Dealing with Upset or Angry Customers

Sometimes agents may have upset or frustrated shoppers reach out to you on live chat. In these situations, your agents may be challenged to keep calm, and remain empathetic in their responses to help put the shopper at ease. Here are some questions you can use to test your agents’ ability to handle these delicate situations.

  • What do you do if a customer connects and is frustrated because they were on hold for a long period of time?
  • When escalating a conversation to a supervisor, manager, or specialist, what steps should you take to alert them and make them aware of the customer’s issue?
  • When a customer becomes abusive during a conversation, what actions should you take?

Final Thoughts: Customer Service Chat Assessment Test

Ensuring that your contact center agents are properly trained and know how to respond to shoppers through live chat is important for the company’s brand. However, training is just part of the solution. To give your customers the best experience, make sure to implement tools that put them at the heart of every conversation.

About Gladly

Gladly is a customer service platform for digitally-focused B2C companies who want to maximize the lifetime value of their customers.   Unlike the legacy approach to customer service software, which is designed around a ticket or case to enable workflows, Gladly enables radically personal customer service centered around people to sustain customer loyalty and drive more revenue.

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