A Big Gladly Welcome to Bruno Bergher

Gladly Team

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Every once in awhile you meet someone in your career that stands out above the rest. For me, one of those people is Bruno Bergher, who recently joined Gladly as our VP of Design, and is now one of our executive leaders.

Bruno is one of those rare design professionals who not only has amazing abilities in user interface, user experience, and visual design, but is also a strategic thinker with a keen focus on the building, growth and scaling of a company.

As Design Lead at Google, Bruno has had experience working at massive scale, with his work on YouTube and Chrome impacting more than a billion users daily. At the same time, he’s also had experience at the startup scale as well, having worked at mobile security startup Lookout, and with Garrett Camp, co-founder of Uber, at startup lap Expa.  

On top of all that, he’s quite simply a wonderful human being. When he’s not at work, Bruno divides his time between writing about Design, creating inspiring works of generative art, and spending time with the two special women in his life: his wife and 2-year old daughter.

We’re thrilled to have him on board at Gladly, as he helps lead us along the next stage of our journey.


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