Announcing the Latest Addition to Our Messaging Family: Instagram

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Instagram has become so much more than an app to share sepia-toned images of Sunday brunch — according to Facebook, the number of conversations between brands and customers over Facebook Messenger and Instagram grew over 40% from last year, making them a must-have for brands who want to engage with their customers and meet them where they are. 

That’s why we’re excited to finally announce our newest integration with Instagram, which will bring Instagram messaging into the fold alongside all our other natively built-in channels. 

Provide Support on Instagram at Scale

While brands have seen great success building a loyal community of Instagram followers, it’s been challenging to provide day-to-day support over the platform — particularly for larger brands.

And that’s because they’ve had to deliver that support by leveraging siloed social listening platforms or third-party integrations that aren’t officially supported by Instagram.

As a consequence of that, it’s been a challenge for brands to be efficient as they’d like to be over Instagram — as customer service heroes have to juggle between multiple apps and platforms. And it’s also a challenge to provide a seamless experience across channels, since service heroes don’t have quick access to the customer’s past conversations across other channels, or important information like their past order history. 

Our latest integration changes all that. 


Using Instagram to Drive Customer Service-Attributed Revenue


A Truly Single Pane View of the Customer That Empowers

With Gladly, heroes will be able to see the key context about a customer—like their past orders and full conversation history across all channels—all in a single view. And that context makes all the difference. 

Unified thread of conversations from Instagram to Voice to Email and more

It means heroes have a better understanding of what a customer is asking for help about, without having to ask the customer to scrounge around for an order number, of wasting precious seconds having to jump into a completely separate order management system. 

Which makes for a faster, more effortless experience for both customer and customer service hero. 

“Having every communication with a customer streamlined into one window has been extremely beneficial for the team and made their workflow so much easier. They also really love how all the information about a customer is just visible from the get-go.”

Rebecca Boxall

VP, Marketing, Channels, & Customer Experience at Native Shoes

Learn more about Native Shoes’ customer service transformation with Gladly.

Leverage the Efficiencies of Messaging Concurrency

Having Instagram natively built into Gladly also means companies can enjoy the efficiency gains that come with any other messaging channel in Gladly. 

For example, managers will now be able to set both a minimum and maximum number of Instagram customers that a service hero will be matched to help at any one time—this helps to ensure that heroes are working at a comfortable, yet optimum pace. 

Messaging Concurrency settings in Gladly

And they can even take those efficiency gains further by introducing a mix of channels to the service hero’s day. For instance, instead of a service hero helping just customers over Instagram, managers can include customers on similar messaging channels — like Facebook Messenger or SMS — so heroes are ensured a steady stream of customers to help, and managers don’t have to think too hard about forecasting staffing for each individual channel

And for heroes nervous about tackling new channels, they can lean on Gladly’s built-in knowledge base—which like everything else a service hero needs—lives on the same page they use to respond to customers on, and which intelligently serves up channel-specific answers.  

Drive Revenue Alongside a Great Support Experience

Instagram has been investing heavily in expanding the shopping experience over the platform—from Instagram Checkout, which lets customers complete purchases completely in-app, to product tags, that lets brands link to their products directly from their posts or Stories.

With Gladly, you can take that shopping experience to the next level by empowering your support team to make informed, targeted recommendations in the moment.

It’s what we at Gladly like to call, Social Support Commerce

Imagine a customer that responds positively to a brand’s Story about their new line of handbags launching soon. 

Drive Revenue with Instagram

The next time that same customer reaches out for support, a hero will be able to see that interaction and leverage it into a sales opportunity—letting them know that the bags they liked were now on sale, and perhaps even helping the customer complete their purchase (in a safe, PCI-compliant way of course).

Add to that the availability of a customer’s past order history, which gives agents unique insight into their taste, it means that heroes are uniquely placed and empowered to make targeted recommendations that are far more likely to convert into actual sales.  

Measure and Make Better

And with Instagram built into Gladly, managers now have the advantage of greater control and insight into how their team is performing over Instagram. 

Not only can managers set specific SLAs for Instagram responses as a whole, they’ll also be able to monitor how the team is measuring up against those SLAs, both in real-time and historically, with our out-of-the-box Liveboards and Reporting.

Reporting across all channels in a single space

And leverage other key insights including measuring how many customers reach out over Instagram for support, when demand over Instagram is heaviest, and what the overall mix of channels looks like in the contact center.

That way managers are able to understand their team and their contact center better, and make necessary adjustments to ensure they’re delivering the best service possible.

Deliver Insta-nt Satisfaction Over Instagram

With Instagram finally natively built into Gladly, it’s easier than ever before for brands to meet their customers on the channel they’re on, and deliver fast, truly personalized experiences.