5 IVR Scripts Every Support Team Needs

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Interactive voice response (IVR) is a modern solution that combines automation and personalization to guide customers to an agent or the answers they need. But without the right IVR scripts, these interactions can frustrate customers and leave them with a bad impression of your brand.

According to our Customer Expectations Report, 32% of consumers fall in love with a brand because of good customer service, and phone calls are still the No. 1 most preferred method of contact. To get the most out of your IVR, use our free IVR scripts to help you get the most out of your automated support.

What Are IVR Scripts?

IVR scripts are automated messages customers hear when they call a support line. These messages guide customers to find the right solution before reaching an agent.

Use IVR-to-SMS to Cut Voice Costs and Inbound

🛑 When phone volumes start ramping up, offer your customers a faster path to resolution through messaging channels like SMS. With Gladly IVR to SMS, customers get the option to switch from IVR to SMS, reducing inbound phone requests and decreasing overall voice costs.

The Benefits of Quality IVR Scripts

Quality IVR scripts build a roadmap for your customers to resolve their issues independently and efficiently. Unsuccessful call center IVR scripts seem robotic and leave customers feeling unheard. A quality IVR script makes customers feel as though an agent is just a few clicks away. This impression is vital to your IVR’s success, as our report indicates 57% of customers want the ability to switch from self-service to a live agent at any point during a call.

IVR Scripts

An IVR script is not a one-size-fits all solution. IVR scripts should be unique to your brand and fit your customers’ common needs. Take a look at these IVR script examples to get started on writing one that works for your call center.

Welcome message

“Hello, you have reached [company name]. This call may be monitored and recorded for quality and training purposes. If you already know your contact’s extension, feel free to dial it at any time. If not, please remain on the line and our agents will help you as soon as possible.”

On-hold message

“We’re sorry for the wait. Our agents are assisting other callers. Please stay on the line and an agent will be with you soon. We appreciate your patience.”


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Menu options

“Hello and thank you for calling [company name]. This call may be monitored and recorded for quality and training purposes. You may dial the extension of the individual you wish to reach at any time. Otherwise, choose from any of the following options:

If you want to speak to the [name] department, press 1.

To check on your order’s current shipping status, press 2.

To order one of our products, press 3.

Looking to speak with a live agent? Press 4.

To leave a message, press 0.

To repeat this menu, press 9.”

Order placement menu

“Thank you for placing an order with [company name] today.

To order [Product 1], press 1.

To order [Product 2], press 2.

[Once item is selected] Please use your keypad to indicate your order quantity.

To review your order, press 1.

To confirm your order, press 9.

To speak with an agent, press 0.”

After-hours message

“Hello, you have reached [company name]. We’re sorry, but our offices are currently closed. Our hours of operation are from [hours]. If you would like to leave a message, please stay on the line. If you leave your name, number, and reason for calling, an agent will contact you as soon as possible.”

IVR Creates a Seamless Customer Service Experience

Using IVR correctly saves you money, increases customer satisfaction, and reduces stress on your team. Companies like PacSun have successfully used Gladly IVR to streamline their customer service.

We helped PacSun’s customer service agents easily access information gathered from their customers’ IVR calls, so they were prepared for their peak season. Gladly IVR gathers information automatically, so Support Heroes get a clear picture of each customer’s experience, needs, and previous interactions before starting the conversation.

Our IVR also ensures customers get a definitive solution through smart routing that uses customer conversation history. This way, agents anticipate customer needs, reduce call times, and efficiently help customers. Gladly IVR also offers the opportunity for customers to reduce their time on the phone by switching from IVR to SMS, decreasing their voice costs and reducing the volume of phone calls to your call center.

Having a customizable IVR lets you build your system your way. Start writing your IVR scripts today and get the most out of every call.


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