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Looking for a new customer service platform? You've come to the right place.

Gladly is the only customer service platform centered around people that enables brands to deliver radically personal customer service.

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Why is Gladly better than everyone else? Let us count the ways.

There are lots of reasons Gladly is better, and we know you don't have all day, so here are the top 7.

1. Being people-centered is a product thing, not a catchy tagline.

Being about people means that a person, your customer, is at the center of the service experience. With every other platform, the ticket is at the center of the experience and the ticket is just routed to the next available agent without any customer context. Last time we checked it's called customer service, not ticket service.

In Gladly, your customer is at the center of the product and the customer is matched based on which support hero is best suited to help along with all the important customer details such as their LTV and order history. And that is the start of how you deliver radically personal customer service.

2. One lifelong conversation versus an endless mess of duplicate tickets.

With any other platform, try this simple test. We call it the the 'people test'. Send in an email. Send in a second email. After integrating a voice platform, call in. Then start a chat. What happens? You get 4 separate tickets assigned to 4 different different agents. Since Gladly is people-centered and not ticket-centered, all customer communications, across all channels, are part of a single conversation timeline. We call this being channel independent.

What's the big deal? Well, in a side-by-side of the same customer communications, one Gladly customer that switched off of their ticket base platform (and Talkdesk for voice) saw a 20% decrease in agent workload by simply removing duplicate tickets. And that 20% difference means you can do more with less and customers are never required to repeat and recap each time they talk to someone new. Did we mention it's called customer service, not ticket service?

3. Voice, out of the box. No add-ons (or extra $) required.

Voice, email, text, chat, and more all built-in natively to the platform so you no longer have to bolt-on disparate 3rd party channels and your agents can respond across all channels during a conversation from a single screen. With most platforms you have to get an additional voice platform like Talkdesk or Five9 or Avaya - but we've built a complete software based phone system with IVR, voice recordings, conferencing and everything you'd need - all delivered into the browser. That means simplicity to deploy, ease of use for your team, and lots of savings because if you want a professional voice platform plan to spend another $50-100 a month per team member for your team handling calls with any other platform..

4. Self-service that’s part of the conversation.

Sure, we both support building FAQs and help centers. But what we've done with Sidekick, our chat widget, is put the full power of your FAQ on every page on your website or natively in your mobile app. And when a customer uses sidekick and then starts a conversation with a support hero, the customer's self service history is all part of the conversation. That means your support heroes won't give the customer the same answer they already found on their own. Radically personal service means helping customers help themselves as well.

5. Turn your contact center into a revenue generator.

Today more than ever, your contact center is the face of your company. This team is engaging with your customers and may never step into your store - or you may never have a store - and that means focusing on revenue as a key metric. To support that we have invested in something we call Dedicated Hero that enables you to seamlessly create a 1 to 1 mapping of a customer to a support hero or a team of specialized support heroes. And with Payments, we help you accept credit cards over chat. And of course it's PCI compliant.

6. Enterprise-level support that partners with you along the way.

It's not just about the product. It's about our people too. From on-boarding and training to 24/7 support we are dedicated to your success and will never treat you like a number. Our people centered approach to customer service extends beyond just the product but to how we engage. Don't believe us, check out what people say about us on G2 reviews.

7. Lastly, it just makes a lot of cents.

Not only do we have one simple transparent price, with Gladly, you get all channels—including voice—built-in and integrated, along with all our other features. And because of that we typically see savings of up to 50% over most other platforms once you add in all the extra stuff they charge you for and have to integrate that 3rd party voice platform. Additionally, you only pay for those people that do support full-time in Gladly. If you want your CEO to have an account in Gladly, there's no charge. Unless of course your CEO does customer support.

And more than just price, using Gladly makes a lot of cents. We've seen on average a 20% reduction in support hero workloads by moving from tickets - and a 4x increase in conversion with payments through messaging channels to drive revenue.

''Our customers often reach out multiple times about the same thing, creating multiple tickets in Zendesk and a disjointed customer experience.''—Former Zendesk Customer

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